Restaurant iPad Point of Sale (POS) with Square payments

For accepting chip (EMV) and magstripe credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and contactless payments, our iPad restaurant POS system is fully integrated with the Square Payments and all the available Square card readers, including Square reader for contactless and chip, Square reader for magstripe, and Square stand for contactless and chip. This feature is limited to merchants with a Square seller account in United States, and only for the posIPOS point of sale (POS) system for restaurants and fast food.
To setup Square payments, just open the posIPOS app on the iPad, tap the "Program Settings" button, and choose Square as the payment gateway. Then, press the "Authorize Square" button to enter your Square username and password, and authorize the iPad to accept credit card payments via your own Square account. Then, just connect one of the available Square credit card readers to your iPad, and tap the "Configure Square card reader" button to select it.
Square iPad POS

Square reader for magstripe, contactless and chip

Square charges a transaction fee of only 2.5% + 10¢ per tap, dip, or card swipe, with no other monthly or setup fee. For keyed-in payments, when you enter the credit card number manually, the transaction fee is 3.5% + 15¢ per each transaction. Square also offers custom pricing packages for large businesses that process a large volume of payments, and you can call them directly to get more details.
The Square reader for magstripe connects via the iPad's audio jack or Lightning connector, and it can read magnetic stripe credit and debit cards. The Square reader for contactless and chip connects via Bluetooth, and it can also accept chip (EMV) credit cards, contactless payments and Apple Pay.
The Square stand for contactless and chip includes an iPad stand with three USB ports, the Square Reader for contactless and chip, and the dock for Square Reader. You connect the dock to your iPad via an USB cable, and plug-in the Square Reader in the dock, so it's always charged and ready to accept payments.
Square card readers

Restaurant POS for iPad with Square Payments

You will be able to login directly to your Square account at anytime, and view and manage all the credit card transactions that you processed via the posIPOS point of sale app. If you need to refund a payment, you can do it directly from the restaurant POS app on the iPad, and also from within your Square account.
Of note, in order to accept credit card payment via Square, you must have a US-based Square account that is enabled for payment processing, purchased one of the available Square card readers directly from Square or any other store that sells them (BestBuy, Amazon, Staples), and complete the Square authorization flow from within the posIPOS app.