Restaurant POS for iPad with PayPal Here payments

For accepting magnetic stripe and EMV chip card payments, as well as contactless and Apple Pay in US, UK, Australia and Canada, our iPad restaurant point of sale (POS) system is fully integrated with the PayPal Here credit card processing service and the available PayPal Miura M010, PayPal Mobile, PayPal Chip and Swipe card readers and PayPal Chip and Tap charging stand. and PayPal Mobile Card Reader.
Setup is extremely easy, just open the restaurant POS app on the iPad and choose PayPal as the payment gateway in the Credit Card Settings screen, press the "Authorize PayPal" button to enter your PayPal username and password, and authorize the iPad to accept credit card payments via PayPal Here. Then, simply connect one of the available PayPal credit card readers to your iPad, and you are ready to accept credit card payments directly from our iPad POS system.
PayPal iPad POS

PayPal Mobile, Chip and Swipe, or PayPal Miura M010 card reader

PayPal charges a transaction fee of only 2.7% per card swipe, with no additional costs and or processing minimums. There is no setup fee, no monthly fee, no cancellation fee, and no locked-in contract, making PayPal one of the most cost effective ways to accept credit card payments for your business.
The PayPal Mobile card reader connects via the iPad's audio jack, and it can read magnetic stripe credit cards, while the PayPal Chip (Miura M010), Chip and Tap, and Chip and Swipe card readers connects via Bluetooth, and can also accept chip (EMV) credit cards, contactless (NFC) payments and Apple Pay.
PayPal POS card readers

Fast Food and Restaurant POS with PayPal Here Payments

You will be able to also login to your PayPal account at anytime, and view and manage all the credit card transactions that you processed. If you need to refund a payment, you can do it directly from the iPad restaurant POS app, and also from within your PayPal account.
Of note, in order to accept credit card payments via PayPal, you must have a verified PayPal Business or Premier Account in United States, Canada,United Kingdom or Australia, and sign up for PayPal Here. After your account is approved, you can order the PayPal Mobile, Chip and Swipe, or Chip and Tap card readers directly from your PayPal account.