iPad Point of Sale

Free iPad POS for restaurants, retail stores and mobile vendors

The FreePOS iPad point of sale is free to install on as many iPads as you want, and there is no setup fee, no termination fee, and no monthly fee of any kind. All your data is stored securely in your own iCloud account, including inventory, settings and sales data, and it can be accessed from any iPad running the FreePos app.

Free iPad cash register with iCloud data storage

iPad Point of Sale
There are some key differences between FreePOS and posIPOS, please read the iPad POS comparison and iPad POS requirements articles to find out what factors to consider when choosing the best iPad cash register for your restaurant or retail store, like sales volume, inventory management requirements, number of employees, and more.
FreePOS has most of the features offered by posIPOS, including the ability to manage your business and ring sales from the free POS app installed on your iPads. All your business settings, inventory, sales data, customers, sales receipts, and payments are stored in your iCloud account instead of our own Cloud servers.
Every registered Apple user gets by default 5GB of free iCloud storage, which is more than enaugh to store all your sales data for tens of years. We estimate that most users will use less than 100MB of iCloud data storage duing the fist few years, and additional iCloud storage can be purchased directly from Apple at a very low cost.
Because FreePOS stores all your data in iCloud, there are a few limitations versus posIPOS: the inventory, users, discounts, sales, payments and customers can only be viewed from the FreePOS app running on your iPads, and not from a web browser, and the reports can no be exported into other formats at this time.
iPad Point of Sale
Also, the FreePOS app does not have the ability to track and update your inventory, and some of the advanced reports available in posIPOS are not available, like the Top Selling Items or Modifiers, and Total Sales by Hour, Day or Month.
If you already have a posIPOS account and you want to use the FreePOS app, it has the ability to automatically import all your inventory data, including business settings, products, discounts, categories, and users, directly from your existing posIPOS account. However, the sales data generated while using posIPOS can not be imported.
Install the free FreePOS Mobile POS app now on your iPad from the Apple App Store, and you can start selling your products and services within minutes!