Free iPad Point of Sale for Restaurants and Retail
Cloud Based, Credit Card Processing, Inventory Management

Automatically save all your sales data securely in the Cloud

Both our iPad Point of Sale apps, posIPOS and FreePOS, include automatic data storage and synchronization in the Cloud: posIPOS uses our own dedicated Cloud servers, while FreePOS uses the Apple iCloud service, available for free to every Apple user. Just create your free account, setup and manage your inventory online using our browser-based web interface, install the posIPOS or FreePOS app one one or multiple iPads, and start selling within minutes! More, with posIPOS, you can process credit card and e-check payments, and take better decisions with easy to understand, up-to-the-minute sale reports.
Don't be afraid of going off-line! Both our iPad point of sale apps can ring up sales even without an Internet connection for days and even weeks, and automatically synchronize all inventory changes and upload the sales related data to the corresponding Cloud servers when an internet connection becomes available.
Rest assured knowing your iPad Point of Sale is virtually impenetrable, as opposed to traditional POS systems running on PC computers, which are vulnerable to viruses and malware. Plus, all your data is stored securely in the Cloud; if an iPad is lost, just replace it with another one, and you can ring sales again in minutes.

Accept EMV Credit Cards, Apple Pay, and Contactless Payments

posIPOS and FreePOS iPad point of sale apps can accept and process magnetic stripe and chip (EMV) credit card payments, Apple Pay, NFC contactless payments, as well as cash or e-check payments. More, it can wirelessly print kitchen orders and customer receipts, capture your customers contact information, send receipts via email, issue partial or total refunds on the original payment method or as store credit, and much more.
Fully PCI compliant and secure, our iPad point of sale / cash register can be configured with several mobile and EMV credit card readers and payment processing services, including Authorize.Net, PayPal, iZettle, and BNG Payment Gateway. All sensitive card data is encrypted at the credit card reader level, and no card data is ever stored on the iPad, so you and your customers are always protected.
Customers in the United States that are using the Authorize.Net payment gateway can use the new AnywhereCommerce Walker C2X Chip Reader to process both chip and magstripe credit cards and conform to the EMV Compliance Standards ahead of the EMV Liability Shift, or the older IDTech Shuttle Secure Mobile Reader to process magstripe credit cards only.
For users in US, UK, Australia and Canada, our iPad point of sale for restaurants, retail stores and mobile stands is fully integrated with the PayPal credit card payment service and the available PayPal Chip (EMV) Contactless Card Reader and PayPal Mobile Card Reader, and it can accept magstripe and chip credit cards, Apple Pay and contactless payments directly from your mobile point of sale app for iPad. PayPal has the lowest fee per transaction, starting at just 2.7%, with no other monthly, setup or cancellation fees.
For users in United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Mexico and Brazil. both our free iPad POS apps are also fully integrated with the iZettle credit card payment service and the available iZettle Pro Contactless Card Reader and iZettle Lite Card Reader. iZettle has a very low 1.50% to 2.75% fee per transaction, based on your sales volume, and it can also accept magnetic stripe and chip credit cards, Apple Pay and contactless payments.
Both the posIPOS and FreePOS iPad point of sale apps can accept, process and track the gratuity offered by your customers, including gratuity offered as credit card payment, cash, check, e-check or store credit. For returned orders or price adjustments after an order is paid, you can refund the customers on the original form of payment, as cash, or as store credit that can be applied on a future order.

Scan barcodes with the Ipad's camera or an external barcode scanner

At the time of sale, to scan the UPC code of the products that you are selling, the iPad Point of Sale app can use either the iPad’s integrated camera, as well as any Socket Mobile CHS Series 7, 8 and 9 external barcode scanner with Bluetooth connectivity.
More, the iPad Point of Sale app can also use the iPad's camera or any compatible Socket Mobile barcode scanner to receive a new quantity of items in the inventory. Just scan the UPC code of the items that you received and set the quantity, and the available inventory will be automatically updated.

Web-Based Inventory Management and Reports

Focus on running and growing your business: streamline your inventory management for multiple locations with shared inventory or food menus, deploy multiple mobile points of sale based on demand, track employee hours, and more.
No servers or expensive hardware on your end, no need to back-up your data or spend big on technical support and maintenance. All your store inventory or restaurant menu items, sales data, and customer information is stored securely in the Cloud, so you can access it anytime and generated up-to date reports from anywhere, using just an iPad or a web browser.
Ringing up sales is just the beginning! Use your iPad point of sale system to generate detailed sales reports that identify your best selling items, track sales by category, cashier, item, month, day or hour, so you can increase sales and and open more stores.
Keep your store, restaurant or mobile point of sale up-to-date with the latest technologies and hardware without any costly upgrades! All the latest new features and enhancements are always available via free iPad POS app updates from the Apple App Store.